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Why I left TV news...

It's the number one question I get from viewers and followers on the street, "why did you leave?" followed by "how are you doing?"

There is a long answer... but the short one gets to the heart of it. I am ALWAYS looking for growth. After 15 years in TV and hosting Good Morning Texas, the lifestyle show in the fifth largest media market in the US I had created a reputation for making subjects comfortable, brining out the heart of their story, and relating on a human level. I also realized I had probably hit my capacity for growth both intellectually and financially where I was at.

As "classic broadcast news" continues to shrink with the massive growth of digital and streaming, I realized I had learned about as much as I could where I had been. I decided not to re-sign and left WFAA with gratitude and a fire in me to grow in new ways.

Making people feel comfortable, confident, and to understand the power of their own story are skillsets I was blessed to develop working in TV. They are also skillsets that help businesses and individuals grow in a crowded market place and simply to understand who they are and how powerful their achievements are.

So... why did I leave??? I was running TOWARDS something... not away from something. I have signed so many fascinating clients and have helped them tell their stories already, I have shot commercials for national brands, I have pitched shows and concepts to inspiring partners.

I took a leap of faith... towards growth... and it's amazing how quickly the safety net revealed itself and caught me with fantastic opportunities to explore.

Let me say this... if you are *chronically* dissatisfied with something... you have the power to make a change. That change may be tough, it make come with consequences (good and bad) but the lesson here is that you can control what you can control... and let the rest go.

If you have a passion you're ready to explore to to create a life of autonomy, flexibility, passion, and purpose... this blog is for you.

It's okay to leave what was once your "dream job," dreams change... and in my experience they just get better and better as we know ourselves more.

So to my dreamers... you can do it. And I'm here to help if you have any questions.

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