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Want to find your message? Find you problem...

For people who know me this may come as a surprising headline... "Find your problem." I've been accused of practicing "toxic positivity" at times, always looking for the good... But here is where I take exception with this critique... looking for the good does not mean we ignore the bad, it just means we don't dwell on it.

Strong communicators, public speakers, brands, and individuals all have identified problems in life... AND THEN... they created a solution.

Sarah Blakley, founder of Spanx, saw a problem in her local department store. She couldn't find undergarments that helped smooth out a woman's figure that were comfortable and made women feel empowered in their clothes. The only items were labeled "girdles" and were worn by grannies across the world.

Sarah started by cutting up her panty hose and just wearing the control top under her dresses out of necessity, then she realized if this worked for her and if she needed it... chances were other women did too.

So she created Spanx, and billions of dollars later her "problem" is still paying off.

When you're crafting your brand message, preparing for a public speaking event, getting ready for a job interview or about to post on social media about your company ask yourself this... "What is the problem I discovered... AND what is the solution I am offering?"

Do these two things and you'll captivate and inspire your audience or customers. They'll feel seen because you struggle with the same things. And they'll feel relieved because you've offered a solution.

If you would like help finding your problem and solution... sign up for a free consultation on my website. We all have something to offer. As a communications and confidence coach it's my job and privilege to help you discover your strengths and then communicate them with the world.


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