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These are the two things you MUST have when telling your brand's story...

15 years in broadcast news taught me to find the heart of a story and to make people care... and I'd say about ten years into that professional chapter I discovered there are two crucial items to do this effectively and with impact.

DIFFERENTIATION AND VALUE. It's that simple. What makes your brand different in a crowded market? And what does that difference mean to your customer?

When I work in communications and media coaching I'm helping business owners, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, and people discover what makes them different. What do they offer that no one else does?

For example I'm currently working as a communications and media coach

with a fantastic solar company in Dallas, Texas called Good Faith Energy. I'm helping their marketing team take complex and technical jargon and explain why they are different than the competitors AND what that means to a customer.

Being different is great... but it must be of value.

For Good Faith Energy I discovered they invest in some of the most top of the line technology that gathers better data than traditional methods. This is an area that differentiate them, or sets them apart. But... how does that help the customer?

In this case, Good Faith Energy's technology can detect problems other systems miss. If they're assessing after a storm other companies may overlook damage and miss out on tens of thousands of dollars worth of money insurance companies are willing to pay.

So whether you're running a multimillion dollar solar company, or a bakery that uses only locally sourced ingredients... take a step back and give yourself credit for what makes your different. Then tell the world why that makes their lives better as well.


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