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Minding my own business... helps my business.

I had a lovely conversation with a good friend this morning about why in the hell we care what other people do, think, etc... It's hard enough to change ourselves, and impossible to change others, so we both decided focusing our energy on external sources is either a distraction, a fruitless waste of our time, or actually... both.

My message today is simple. Find time every day (for me it's the mornings) to get still. Maybe it's a walk with the dogs, or ten minutes sipping coffee, but stillness allows our minds to explore what's in our hearts.

When I finally stopped focusing on my grievances with my prior workplace and started focusing on what I wanted to build... my life started to change. It wasn't overnight, it took time, but the energy of building something is intoxicating in the best way. I sit here now with a full roster of communications clients, social media clients, commercial shoots booked, meetings with agents, and hosting events on my calendar. And all this started when I began the journey of MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS and creating a service that I believe brings value to my life, my clients, and the world. For me that service is COMMUNICATING for you it may be something else.

Ask yourself the following questions and you will have a roadmap to the business of creating your best life.

  1. What projects EXCITE me?: This is a HUGE green flag, lean into these instead of resisting the tasks you dislike or the people in the office that grind your gears.

  2. How do I FEEL about my passions?: Don't let others' project their feelings on your gut instincts. It's good to seek counsel from trusted friends and mentors, but ultimately you are the decider and you live with the decisions.

  3. Why the hell to I care about what "so and so" says or does?: Look... even if your office mate is the biggest turd on planet earth, fixating on it only makes your life more miserable. Your job is to find WHO YOU ARE and lean into that every day.

  4. Am I aware of my thoughts?: So often our judgmental mind or our emotions happen without us even taking time to be aware of them. Next time you feel your chest getting tight and your anxiety rising or next time you feel inspired take a moment to notice and note what is causing this sensation. If it's a negative sensation... redirect your thoughts. If it's positive put the pedal to the metal and go for it!

I quite enjoy my morning conversations with close friends and family - and it's nice to have people to keep you accountable as we try to quite the "judge" in our head and live the most joyous life possible.

So today let me say this... Mind YOUR BUSINESS... and your business will grow.


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