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Confidence coach... I like the sound of that.

Immediately after deciding no to re-sign as host of Good Morning Texas I began receiving the following question, "What are you doing NOW?" I found myself dress rehearsing a monologue of an answer. Something like, "well I TV is a shrinking industry and now is the time to take the leap, I am shooting commercials, doing VoiceOver work, acting, social media management and creation, communications coaching, and freelance hosting and emceeing..."

(Photo of myself and one of my star clients, Kathy Tran. Kathy is one of the country's most sought after photographers, working with names like President Biden, Denzel Washington, Mark Whalberg and many many more. I worked with Kathy to help her share her story at a Creatives Conference. She rocked her speech and transformed infront of my eyes. She was and is CONFIDENT in her story.)

I was tired by the end of each response. And while the content of my answer was all correct... it rambles and as someone who has made a career in communication I know one of the golden rules is KEEP IT SHORT AND MAKE IT CLEAR.

Then one day I was on the phone with a fellow former newsie (she's now traveling the world hosting yoga and wellness retreats and making the planet a healthier place) and she came up with the following title after a quick "pick me up session" between the two of us.

"Hannah, the confidence coach!" she proudly exclaimed. (Thank you Sonia!!!) The instantly felt right. In my 15 years as a television journalist I had honed an ability to make the people I was interviewing feel comfortable to tell their story, to trust me, to trust themselves, and to know the power of their own story and journey.

I use to label part of my work as "communications coaching," that's still accurate, but as my dear friend Sonia pointed out "CONFIDENCE" is at the core of teaching people how to speak infant of others, how to talk to a camera like a trusted friend, how to know your own story and champion the challenges you've overcome and share the lessons your own life contains for others.

When I work with clients now to help them speak or find their story I intentionally focus on the confidence. I will admit, this work pays me well, but there is nothing like have a career that brings satisfaction as well. When I see a client who was shaking while speaking when we first worked together now stand on a stage and bring an audience to tears... to know I had the smallest part in that transformation... well there is nothing like that.

When I work with a CEO and he or she is able to make that deal that changes everything because of CONFIDENCE and the ability to share their brand's story clearly... my God... that has changed countless lives!

So here I am this lovely Saturday morning, drinking coffee on my back porch, reintroducing myself to the world and myself I guess....

I am Hannah Davis, the confidence coach (plus a few more things ;) )


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